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At last a reference book that is only about library and book superlatives.

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3rd edition (2017): ISBN (13 numbers): 97814766-67775 396 pages, 156 new photographs. Includes a detailed bibliography and a 48-page comprehensive index. Paperback (alkaline) edition, 7 x 10 inches. Library of Congress number (Z721 .O79 2017).

3rd edition e-book version available via Ebscohost (formerly NetLibrary); Amazon Kindle (mobi); Google Play Books;, Barnes & Noble Nook; OverDrive Media; Apple iBooks (epub); Kobo Books etc: ISBN (13 numbers): 97814766-27724. Size of the ebook is roughly 25-40 MB depending on ebook format.

During research for the first edition of Library World Records between summer 2001 (when I began typing the first words for my manuscript) and March 2002 (when I submitted the first of several drafts of my manuscript to my publisher), and in summer 2007 when I began work on the 2nd edition of the book, just before I left a library I had visited for research work, I took some photographs of the library, not only for later use in the book, but also to remind me of my work while there. Once I had worked out which libraries to visit in the U.K and overseas, I had ensure my tight budget for my book project would cover the library trips, accommodation costs, and other expenses, but I did finally manage to work out how to accomplish this and that, for my book project on a reasonable and sensible budget. I will add the complete list of photographs for the new 3rd edition shortly after it is published on 30th September 2017.

Complete list of all the photographs used in the first edition of Library World Records, including mine and those I obtained with permission from librarians around the world.

Front cover: Vatican Library, Rome; Mitchell Public Library, Glasgow, U.K.; Al-Qarawiyin University Library, Fez, Morocco; British Library, London, U.K.; National Library of France, Paris.

Inside the book: the new and old Alexandria Library, Alexandria, Egypt; National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague; National Library of Italy, Rome; British Library, London, U.K.; the new and old National Library of France, Paris; National Library of Germany, Frankfurt; National Library of Canada, Ottawa; National Library of Japan, Tokyo; Mitchell Public Library, Glasgow, U.K.; Georges Pompidou Center Library, Paris, France; Cape Town City Public Library, South Africa; Vatican Library, Rome; Boston Public Library, U.S; Houston Public Library, U.S.; Romanian Academy Library, Bucharest, Romania; Yale University Library, New Haven, U.S; Oxford University Bodleian Library, U.K.; Berlin Free University Library, Germany; Rome (La Sapienza) University Library, Italy; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Library, Zurich, Switzerland; Pernambuco Federal University Library, Recife, Brazil; Hebrew University of Jerusalem Library, Israel; University of South Africa Library, Pretoria; Cologne University Library, Germany; Vilnius University Library, Lithuania; Sydney University Library, Australia; Fourah Bay College Library, Free Town, Sierra Leone; National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, U.S.; London School of Economics Library London University Senate House Library, U.K.; Lincoln's Inn Law Library, London, U.K; Women's Library, London, U.K.; French National Archives, Paris, France; British Council Library, London, U.K; King Assurbanipal, Assyria; Sumerian and Babylonian clay tablets; ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II Library Egypt; ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on papyrus; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, U.K.; ancient Chinese oracle bones and ancient stones with the Chinese script; a modern copy of the Bible; the ancient Greek Codex Sinaiticus manuscript; the ancient Harley Latin Gospels manuscript; a 13th century copy of the Koran; the ancient Anglo-Saxon Chronicles manuscript; the Beowulf manuscript; the ancient Korean Dharani Sutra manuscript; the ancient Chinese Diamond Sutra manuscript; the Gutenberg Bible ; a Palm PDA; Geoffrey's Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales book; Barnes & Noble Bookstore, New York City. U.S.; Waterstone's Bookhop, London, U.K.; Foyles Bookshop, London, U.K.; Vatican Pope Sixtus V; British Museum Library, London, U.K; University of Massachusetts W.E.B. Library, Amherst, U.S.; Leipzig University Library, Germany; Library of Congress, Washington D.C., U.S.; National Library of China, Beijing; Berlin State Library, Germany; Waseda University Library, Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai Library, China; Pasadena Public Library, California, U.S.; Vancouver Public Library, British Columbia, Canada; Peckham Public Library, London, U.K.; King's College Library, London University, U.K.; Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland; City University, London, U.K.

Complete list of all the photographs used in the second edition of Library World Records, including mine and those I obtained with permission from librarians around the world.

Front cover: Georges Pompidou Public Library Centre, Paris France; Glasgow University Library, Scotland, UK; Ruins of the ancient Roman Forum in Rome, Italy; Houston Public Library, Texas, U.S; St Andrews University Library, Scotland, UK; Oxford University Bodleian Library old buildings, UK.

Inside the book: King Ptolemy I Soter, Alexandria, Ancient Egypt; National Library of Austria, Vienna; Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany; National Library of Denmark, Copenhagen; National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK; National Library of France, Paris; U.S. Library of Congress Washington DC; National Library of China, Beijing; National Library of Russia, St Petersburg; National Library of South Africa, Cape Town; National Library of Australia, Canberra; Marciana National Library of Italy, Venice; Los Angeles County Public Library, California, US; Shanghai Library, China; Vancouver Public Library, Canada; Miami Dade Public Library, Florida, US; Malmo City Library, Sweden; Lyon Municipal Library, France; Vatican Library, Rome; Laurentian Library, Florence, Italy; Mazarin Library, Paris, France; University of California, Berkeley, US; University of Toronto, Robarts Library, Canada; University of London Senate Library, UK; King’s College Maughan Library, London, UK; University of Liverpool, UK; Provence University Library, Marseille, France; Humboldt University Library, Berlin, Germany; University of Vienna Library, Austria; Complutense University Library, Madrid, Spain; Leuven Catholic University Library, Belgium; National and University Library of Slovenia, Ljubljana; University of Lagos Library, Nigeria; National Taiwan University Library, Taipei; National University of Singapore Library, Singapore; Pernambuco Federal University Library, Recife, Brazil; Al-Qarawiyin University Library, Fez, Morocco; Aristotle (ancient Greek philosopher); Sorbonne University of Paris Library (Paris IV), France; Bodleian Library, Oxford University, UK; Avignon University Library, France; University of Cologne Library, Germany; University of Cordoba Library, Spain; Jagiellonian University Library, Krakow, Poland; University of Lisbon Library, Portugal; Fourah Bay College Library, Sierra Leone University, Free Town; National Library of Medicine Library, Cologne, Germany; National Library of Economics Library, Kiel, Germany; Royal Military College Library, Paris, France; Inns Of Court, School of Law Library, London, UK; Ashmolean Museum Library Oxford, UK: London School of Economics Library, UK; Women’s Library, London, UK; National Archives, Paris, France; Ancient Alexandria Library, Egypt; British Council Library, Recife, Brazil; Chained books in a UK library Simon Bolivar Trujillo, Peru ; Ambrosian Library, Milan, Italy; El Escorial Monastic LibraryMadrid, Spain; Marcus Trajan, Roman Emperor; UNESCO headquarters, Paris, France; Ramses II, ancient Egyptian Pharaoh; King Assurbanipal, AssyriaToledo Translation School, Toledo, Spain; Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets Mesopotamia; ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on papyrus; ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on tombs; ancient Egyptian hieratic script on papyrus; inscription of the Chinese script; the BuddhaIndia; the 2000 year old Gandharan Buddhist scrolls on papyrus Western Pakistan; inscriptions of the Linear B script on stone Crete; Roman Emperor Titus; inscriptions of the Greek script on stone Athens, Greece; ancient Greek writer Homer; inscriptions of the Etruscan script on stone Tuscany, Italy; inscriptions of the Latin Alphabet on stoneRome, Italy; inscriptions of Mayan hieroglyphics on stone Mexico city, Mexico; inscriptions of Old Persian script on stonePersepolis, Iran; the Japanese script; Roman Emperor Hadrian; inscriptions of the Meroitic script on stoneKhartoum, Sudan; the Ethiopian Ge’ez script on parchment; a Chinese block-printed book; the ancient Korean Dharani Sutra manuscript Seoul, South Korea; Victorian era Gutenberg printing press; incunabula at the Vatican Library Rome; incunabula at the British Library London UK; Museum for Science and Technology Library Munich, Germany; Venetian RepublicVenice, Italy; Bertrand Bookshop Lisbon, Portugal; Moravian Bookshop Philadelphia, US; Politikens Bookshop Copenhagen, Denmark; Fnac Bookshop Lyon, France; Hugendubel Bookshop Munich, Germany; Hugendubel Bookshop Berlin Germany; Waterstone’s Bookshop London, UK; Powell’s Bookstore Oregon, US; Frankfurt International Book Fair Germany; University of Parma LibraryItaly; Barnstable Sturgis Library Massachusetts, US; British Museum Library; University of Massachusetts W.E.B Bois LibraryUS; British Library;London , UK National Library of the Netherlands The Hague; National Library of PolandKrakow; National Library of Portugal Lisbon; National Library of Canada Ottawa; King Norton Library Cranfield University UK; University of EdinburghScotland UK; University of Macau China; Jagiellonian University Library new building Krakow, Poland; Waterloo University Library Canada; Seattle Public Library US; Dallas Public Library Texas, US; National Library of Wales Cardiff, UK; Victorian State Library Melbourne, Australia; National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies Library Kuru, Nigeria; University of Coimbra Library Portugal; Palmerston North City Library New Zealand; the Magna Carta manuscript, digital access British Library, London, UK; German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information DIMDI Cologne , Germany; City University School of Informatics London, UK.

Godfrey Oswald
London, May, 2009.



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