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At last a reference book that is only about library and book superlatives.

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I am an information scientist, science blogger and former science librarian, and now moved into a career as a full-time writer and ghostwriter.

Early Life

Born in Tooting, London, my formal schooling began in England at the Franciscan Primary School in Tooting, London from 1971. This school is not far from the famous and spectacular former Tooting Granada Cinema complex which closed in 1974. It was the very first cinema I visited, back in the early 1970s to watch children's movies and was a perfect childhood fantasy escape from day-to-day life in London in the 1970s.

At a young age (5), I enjoyed going to the library at the Franciscan Primary School (see photo below), quite often, to read any children's book I could lay my hands on. An obsession that inspired me in my teens to be a librarian. Some of my clear favourite books were those by Dr Seuss and Enid Blyton.

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