Sniffer Pro Search Engine beta version 2.5

Remember Sniffer Pro always defaults to the (AND) operator, after a search with the (OR) and (ADJ) operators.

N.B. This search engine, is written entirely in Javascript programming language and runs on any web browser and can run locally on a computer (i.e. Internet not needed to see search results, but is needed when you click on a search result). It was written for searching the LIS directory. If you understand basic C++ or Java programming language and would like to use the database code for other uses, feel free to ask me for permission and I will email you a short tutorial on how to adapt the Javascript programming code to your needs be it Windows Phone 8.1 database app, Android 5 database app or iOS 8 database app, using the powerful developer tool called Phonegap.

Secrets of how the Sniffer Search Engine works
Basically most databases AND search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are composed of two huge files. One of the files contains the source code of the search engine (the secretly protected C++, X-Code, Java etc database programming codes that took weeks or months to write and test properly), the other file contains millions of website URLs (e.g a search engine), thousands of zip codes (e.g. a zip code database), million of business and personal addresses (e.g. yellow Pages app) etc. This file in technical jargon is called the index file. When you do a search, the source code instructs the search engine or database to search the entire index file and display the results, all this takes a few seconds, thanks to modern computer technology. Read more about this in the Sniffer manual link above. My Sniffer Pro 2.5 database app above started out as two files: Source code file and Index file. But Javascript allows me to combine them in one file.

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