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The 2010 edition of The Info Connect Library and Information Science Directory can either be browsed or searched, below is an explanation on how to use the directory.


The overall organisation of The Info Connect LIS Directory for browsing is very simple and straightforward.

1. You can browse by:

Subject, e.g. business information internet resources are at "B" links, legal information internet resources at "L" links, science information internet resources at "S" links, and its divisions like chemistry at "C" links, etc.

2. You can also browse by:

Name, e.g. if you know the name of a particular internet resource, then it will be listed under the appropriate alphabet. Also every major country in the world has separate related internet resources grouped together under the appropriate alphabet, e.g. UK information resources are listed under "B" and "U" links, while a vast collection of European information resources are under "E" links.

Finally under the "W" links, many major grouped subject categories are listed here, such as world maps, world newspapers, world telephone directories, world flags etc.

If you are a non-librarian looking for quality reference Internet resources covering all major subjects, e.g. an academic reseacher or a student, go to "Library and Information Science professional reference resources" at the "L" links, and the grouped subject categories at the "W" links, all begining with the word "World."

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Click the button below to search the directory instead of browsing it, using the Sniffer Search Engine (it was written by me using Javascript programming).

A Short History of the 2010 edition of The Info Connect Library and Information Science Directory.

In 1995, when the Internet was still very young (back then it was Netscape web browser) and Google not yet invented, I began to compile a list of all library-related websites that where begining to show up. By 2005, I had compiled over 1,930 websites. By 2010, I decided that with Google now advanced and Wikipedia available as well, there was no need to update the directory any more, so since 2010 I no longer update the website anymore, but you can still enjoy using it.

This probably means the directory is like a time capsule. Between 1995 and 2010 (a 15 year period) there has been great changes in the library and information world: libraries have closed, new libraries have opened, some libraries have merged, some have changed names etc. The same goes to library and information management organizations or companies like DIALOG (some have closed, some have merged, some have changed names, new services have been launched etc). So the directory also provides an insight to the past.

WARNING: many links are now outdated, since it was last updated in 2010. This also applies to the Sniffer Search Engine.

Other links of interest to librarians

My compilation of International Union Catalogs around the world N.B no longer updated since 2010, so some are out of date.

My compilation of WiFi Hotspots in libraries and bookshops worldwide N.B no longer updated since 2010, so some are out of date

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