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  • Jamaica Library Association.
  • Jamaican Yellow Pages. Includes white pages.
  • Joint Academic Network. JANET. UK part of EARN. See European Academic Research Networks.
  • X.25 access Janet TACS converter. This telnet address is an X.25 to TCP/IP gateway. Sometimes accessing online databases or database hosts from UK university or academic research libraries via TCP/IP i.e. the Internet (web or telnet) can be slow and congested during peak hours. Another route is available involves telnetting to the Janet TACS (Terminal Access Conversion) service. In order to use this route you need to have a TACS account via JANET Customer Service
  • Jane's Information Group. Global military information service. See also Military Search Engine.
  • Japanese Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Research Information Center.
  • Japanese Center for Information Infrastructure Established as a testbed for research and pilot projects in information processing and network technology to rehabilitate Japanese information infrastructure.
  • Japanese Database Promotion Centre. Information on Japanese databases and electronic information services.
  • European Business Information Centre. Japan. Distributes the official books, periodicals, databases, CD-ROM's and "off-line products" of the European Union. Includes access to the US and Japanese Tenders Data Base Search (EU contracts).
  • Japan general databases. A list of free web databases covering legislation, arts, entertainment, travel etc.
  • Japan Information Access Project. Washington, DC based, independent, nonprofit research center to increase access to and awareness of Japanese information and resource materials related to science and technology.
  • Japanese Government Directory. Information on Japanese Government departments, ministries and other government institutions. See also World government information.
  • G-Search. Japanese online information service.
  • G-Search. G-Search Databases. Telnet access.
  • Japan Information Center of Science and Technology, JICST. Japanese scientific database host and mirror for STN International database host, covering the Asia-Pacific region. See also World Science and Technology information centres.
  • Japan Information Network, JIN.
  • Kyoto University Library 2nd largest academic library in Japan
  • Japanese libraries. Very long list. See also world libraries.
  • Japanese libraries See also Council of East Asia Libraries.
  • Japanese libraries. 3
  • Japan Medical Library Association. JMLA.
  • Japanese National Center for Science Information Systems. NACSIS. Offers access to databases such as EMBASE.
  • Japanese National Laboratory for High Energy Physics library. Kek.
  • Japanese Newspapers. See also world newspapers.
  • Nikkei. Japanese economics and financial information specialists.
  • Japanese Patent Information Organisation, JAPIO. See also US Patent Search, Patents database (from IBM), MicroPatent, Internet Patent Search, Derwent Information patent databases and Questel-Orbit's detailed patents databases (QPAT).
  • Japan Special Libraries Association. JSLA.
  • Teikoku. Japan's leading research and corporate information company. The Teikoku database provide descriptive information on over 200,000 Japanese companies.
  • Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers.
  • Japanese Union Catalog Network Project.
  • Japanese Yellow Pages. In English and Japanese. From the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, NTT.
  • Japanese Yellow Pages. Plus white pages.
  • Job vacancies notice board for librarians/information scientists. UK. Latest via NISS. See also Libraries FAQ, Librarian and Information Scientist career guides, and World library and information science schools.
  • Job vacancies notice board for librarians/information scientists. UK Europe, Canada and US. Latest via BUBL

    Some specialist recruitment agencies for librarians and information professionals listed in Info Connect include: TFPL recruitment division, Access, LIBEX, Aslib recruitment division, Heller & Associates, Sue Hill Recruitment, Instant Library, Phee Farrer Jones, Unique Recruitment Services, Recruitment Media, Birchs Consultancy, Advanced Information Management, and C. Berger & Co. Also check out the web pages of LIS schools and national library associations e.g UK Library Association's Info Match, and American Library Association, as many have links to LIS job vacancies web pages.

  • Job vacancies resource for librarians/information scientists Career Path. Search all the vacancies section of major newspapers for current jobs for librarians/information scientists. US and Canadian bias.
  • Job vacancies notice board for librarians/information scientists. UK, US and Canada.
  • Job vacancies notice board for librarians/information scientists. The Librarian's Job Search Source.
  • Job vacancies notice board for librarians/information scientists. Exchanging Jobs. A free, non-profit matching service specializing in job shadowing and job exchanges for people who work in libraries and the information field.*New*
  • John Rylands University Library of Manchester. 4th largest academic library in the UK, after Oxford, Cambridge and London university libraries.
  • Jordan Publishing.Legal publishing (e.g Family Law journal, Family Law Reports and the Family Court Practice). See also Butterworths, Lawtel, and Sweet & Maxwell.
  • Jordanian university libraries.
  • Journals@Ovid. Electronic journal subscription service from Ovid. See also electronic journal subscription services.
  • Journal of Academic Media Librarianship. For a list of information science and other information journals see: LIS Jounrnals, Database, Searcher, Managing Information, Information Today, Online, Information World Review, Exploit Interactive, Online User, LinkUp, Inform, Journal of Information Science, Library Journal, Today's Librarian, EMedia, Biblio Tech Review and Library Reference Centre Database and Index Morganagus.
  • Journal of the American Society for Information Science JASIS. Extended table of contents: 1995 -present.
  • Journal of Information Science. (UK Institute of Information Science). Full text. For subscribers only via Bowker Information Professionals' Exchange, BIPEx.
  • Journal of Information Science. Table of contents and abstracts: 1992 to present.
  • Journals online. See also Ezine magazine database, Electronic journals, Hyper Journal and Electronic magazines.
  • Jouve. Worldwide leader in enabling digital delivery of aircraft technical information and aircraft maintenance data, including data analysis, capture and conversion, data management and SGML.
  • JSD Information Services. Document delivery services and bookseller.
  • JSTOR Database. Database of journal articles in areas including economics, finance, history, philosophy, political science, and sociology

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