Godfrey's Hobby Blogs: Writing for Pleasure not Profit

Among of my main hobbies are reading (and writing) fiction and non-fiction works; watching French movies (I am fluent in basic French from living and working in Geneva and Paris); fortnightly visits to Odeon and Cine World cinemas to see blockbusters; watching TV documentaries on science, travel, history and geography subjects such as on Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Quest and Yesterday TV documentary channels etc; reading about human evolution; cooking delicious food from scratch; exploring, tinkering, hacking, rooting, jail-breaking Android phones / iPhones and building simple computer programming database app projects with SDK tools for X-code (iPhone), PhoneGap(Javascript ) and Eclipse (Android). I take each one here and use my writing skills to blog about them in detail.

Welcome to Godfrey's Hobby Blogs, free to read and enjoy!

Part 1. A Briton's view on French Cinema
What so special about movies with French Stars?
This is a blog about French movies. I caught the French movie bug after my time living and working in Paris, after working in nearby Geneva in 2003.
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Part 2. Timeline of Mankind
This is a fascinating timeline of human evolution came from the various data I have been collecting for 10 years, while working at the United Nations WHO Library in Geneva and UNESCO in Paris, between 2003 and 2004. In the old magazines section of the library one day during my lunch break, I came across an old January 1988 issue of Newsweek magazine. It was about somebody called Mitochondrial Eve. All 6.7 billion people alive today have inherited the same Mitochondria DNA from one woman who lived in Africa about 200,000 years ago; she has been called Mitochondrial Eve. It was her descendants who were among the second wave of modern humans who left Africa to populate the rest of the world. She was, by one rough estimate, our 10,000th-great-grandmother. This is an ongoing scientific blog I began in 2012, the research work goes back to 2003.
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Part 3. Remembering 1970s Britain: a personal perspective This is a small blog about my early boyhood experiences living in London in the 1970s.
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Part 4. 50 Cool James Bond Things about the Samsung Galaxy Note
A phablet that does it all. This is an ongoing technical blog I began in 2013.
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Part 5. 10 Important Things Nelson Mandela Has Taught US
During his long remarkable and extraordinary life, I have learnt 10 important things in life. This is a small blog about some of Nelson Mandela's best quotes about life.
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Part 6. Africa: Before Columbus
The fascinating story of the exploration of Sub-Saharan Africa before the discovery of the Americas in 1492. This is an ongoing historical blog I began in 2008, while in Lisbon, Portugal for an unrelated book project.
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Part 7. History and Facts about Books and Libraries
The fascinating story of books and libraries from the stone age to modern times.
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Part 8. Programming With Javascript
I found time to develop a powerful database app with Javascript programming tools and now testing it with Phonegap to port to iOS 8 and Android 5 in due course.
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Part 9. The Geneva Incident
Brief blog on my brand new exciting novel I am finishing at the moment on weekends.
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I love writing, and will upload my other 18 works when I have the time.

Part 10. In Progress

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